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An eight song EP in an environment of lyrically and sonically rich production. Hinske is joined on the track 'Waiting on this Train' by Tom Miller on Hammond. Otherwise, all sounds heard are Hinske's doing.

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Reactions to 'Departures'

"Very cool, well written, performed and produced all around! I like the backup vocals, variety, lyrics, tones, and instrumentation." - Kris S. - Chicago, IL

“Reminiscent of Neil Young’s On The Beach, Departues wandered a curvy, cozy path to my musical door.” ~ Stacey S., Enid, OK

 "All I can say, if I may, is HOLY SHIT!! The subtlety, the details, emotion, intelligence...brilliant." - Cheryl A., Chelsea, MI

“I’ve added ‘Get Over You’ to our rotation.  Good stuff, nifty jazz blues riffs.  Thanks for being talented” - Dave P., Laurel Canyon Radio

“The production is solid. Sounds great on my car stereo.” - Rekker R., Amarillo, TX

"Mighty fine music." - Robyn M., Embudo, NM

"Turn it up!" - Linden T., Brighton, MI

"It's amazing! Beautiful, dark and luscious.  Reminds me of Leonard Cohen." - Michelle W. - Chicago, IL

"Pure poetry." - Diane W., Memphis, TN

Great songwriting. I need to listen to it again to really take it all in, but he has really nailed it with this album.” - Tony P., Minneapolis, MN

"It's going into rotation!" - Alicia H.  WGHC 98.3FM, Chicago, IL

"It's a friggin' evolution. The different feels and rhythms of the tunes are like walking into different rooms..." - Derek T., Taos, NM

"Fantastic album. So creative and musical!",  James D., Nashville, TN

"It sounds like it was fun to make!" - Christopher S., Dearborn, MI

Reactions to 'The Story Continues...'

"It was really a pleasure to work on this! It is a great record! Really nice sounding, clear mixes and great songs!" - Amy Marie, YesMaster Studios, Nashville

 "The Story Continues adds jazz flourishes and musical depth to Hinske’s already solid songwriting skills." - Andy Jones, KNCE-FM, Taos, NM

"Its a good one, folks!" - Laurie Mitchell Dunn, Music Programmer

"David is a poet and a storyteller. His soulful music imbues even the most casual observation with a profound beauty. It is the perfect antidote to our 24/7 news cycle." - Diane Jalfon, Executive Director, Memphis Library Foundation

Reactions to 'The Official Record'

"Listening to David Hinske's recording [The Official Record] on my way to work. Love the variety, interesting chord changes, clear sweet guitar, rich cello, intelligent writing. So pure. - Cheryl Ann, Chelsea, MI